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What is Iced out jewelry?

Posted on May 08 2020

What is Iced out jewelry?


  • What does Iced Out Means?
  • Relevant terms to Iced out.
  • History of Iced Out Jewelry.
  • Types of Iced Out jewelry.
  • Does MajesticVUE sell real jewelry.
  • What type jewelry do the rappers wear?
  • What are VVS chains?
  • Why you should choose VVS chains?
  • How to make the style statement with Iced out jewelry?
  • Where you can buy Iced Out jewelry?


When you decide to go to any type of event, you definitely want to look stylish and rocking to others. We want you to have our exquisite and captivating jewelry collection at home on a few clicks

If you want to add charm and allure to your appearance then Iced out Jewelry is a great approach of adding style and luster to your body and outfit as well.

Iced Out Jewelry is useful to create the perception of wealth and status, or as a means to make a statement of your values and style without saying a word. Iced out jewelry put a great expression on the viewers. This will boost up your style and personality.

If you want to know about iced out jewelry then this post will cover it all. This post will assist you to know all about iced-out, from how it became popular to where you can buy the attractive and optimum quality.


What Does Iced Out Mean?

Phrase Iced Out simply refers to any type of jewelry that is completely embellished with diamond or gemstones

Iced out jewelry has many types of jewelry including chains, rings, bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings and Bundles etc.

By wearing Iced Out Jewelry you can change the style of the statement as well as can enhance your exterior. Most people wear Iced Out Jewelry to declare their status, identity and wealth. Here are some relevant terms that make you clear about iced out jewelry.

Hip Hop Copper Iced Out Bracelet - MajesticVUE

Relevant Terms to Iced Out:


1. Bling bling:

The term bling was came because it was supposed to signify the sound effect that your jewelry will make while it is shinning or gleaming. Bling is a popular term that is used for hip hop flashy and ornamented jewelry.


2. ICE:

What do you think about when you hear the word ice? Ice cubes? No, Ice is all cold gemstones that are used to decorate or to cover your Iced Out jewelry like a chain, watches, earrings, bracelets and pendants. It is called ice because when you touch the gemstones on jewelry these are always cold.

If you are using the term ice for your jewelry, it means your jewelry looks cool and precious.


3. Drip:

The word drip is used for wearing some iced out jewelry or bust down watches. Everyone wants the drip to look hot and fire.

Many rappers nowadays want drip to look hot, to show their status and to celebrate their achievements.

One of the most famous rap group like Quava, offset, bring the meaning of drip but not just rapper can achieve such a status, every one deserves drip and can show their status.

We love to keep you nice looking and dripped by our handsome shapely collection of Iced out Watches.


History of Iced Out Jewelry:

Change occurs everywhere from food to fashion except jewelry. From 75,000-year-old jewelry discovered in Africa to Floyd Mayweather’s $10 million diamond chains, jewelry has primarily symbolized one thing since the very beginning i.e. status.

People who wouldn’t even imagine themselves dripping in jewels and diamonds, people from the lowest social status. But then some people could climb out of poverty and they had to show it. Such an achievement had to be shown, celebrated and flaunted for the whole world to see for being a hop for them, for being an example for them. Hip hop jewelry symbolized having the power to show achievements.

Iced out jewelry played a vital role to show status and prosperity as well as the successes.

Rappers had always liked hip hop jewelry. Rappers were dropping hundreds of thousands on chains, watches and other accessories. The $10,000 chains from the 80s was an old news.

Hip-hop had become such a successful field that the artists were richer than ever. In the 1970s, all rappers and artists fell in love with Iced out jewelry. And they wore all their money around their necks.

That was the time when hip hop, bling-bling, and iced out jewelry come to become popular, as the biggest stars of that era wore flashy jewelry to display their richness.

With the passage of time iced out jewelry got more fame and admiration and people started to wear it to display their wealth and success.

Nowadays iced out jewelry has became standard approach to make your appearance flashy and sparkling.

Historical Picture of Iced Out Jewellery


Types of Iced Out Jewelry:



Hip hop chains have been around here for centuries. Trace history and you will know these have been extremely liked by different cultures in past. If you want to look unique by wearing a chain that is pocket friendly and does not break the bank as well as perfect for you to boost your appearance, our collection consists of different forms of hip hop chains, men's chains and Cuban linked necklace as well.

If you want to look elegant and searching for magnificent hip hop chains, that are stylish and trendy then just look at the lock clasp Miami Cuban necklace, Iced out Cuban cubic zircon link necklace and iced out bling tennis chains.

Our men's chains also come in tennis chains category, crafted with different gemstones. All of the iced out chains and necklaces are delightful and handsome and will give you an outstanding charm.

All our chains are in the form of white or yellow gold, you can choose either when going for a particular style. Wear it at a party, on the streets or on a gala, our chains will be the best buddy for you. These Iced Out Chains will give you a hot and icy look at any type of event.

Iced out Necklace - MajesticVUE


2. Grillz

Grillz also is the type of Iced Out piece of jewelry. Iced out Grillz are worn by rappers and popular in urban culture. Rappers and artists wearing these as teeth accessories. We saw that how Kenya West and Lady Gaga used to wore these.

Grillz has already been used by rappers artists and by some other people, several thousands of years ago.

In this world Grillz trend is still alive, you can see a lot of people with their bright golden shining smiles. Taking a look back at the origin of the gold teeth, they were used as a status symbol for authority and wealth.

Today, these are still fascinating much used by the rappers and hip hop artists. However, iced out Grillz is also being used by people and hip hop lovers, as a style and fashion statement accessories.

If you want to sport Grillz explores our collection of Iced out Hip Hop Grillz of various styles and finishes.

You won’t find Iced Out Grillz like these out in the market at an affordable price.  Buy a quality Grillz at MajesticVUE. We will never compromise on your health.

Iced Out Hip Hop Grillz - MajesticVUE



Iced out pendants are the famous type of iced out jewelry. From 1970 to today pendants are used by rappers as well as artists. Iced out cross pendants can be worn on religious events.

Iced out pendants are the perfect option for you to update your look. No more extra searching. Here at MajesticVUE, we are offering you a huge collection of Iced Out pendants for you to change your style.

If you have a  spirit to keep Jesus always close to your heart. We even have Christian pieces for the purification of your soul. We have just the right pieces for you. Check out our polished  Jesus pendant iced pendant.

If you want to feel like a king. Then, you need to look at our King Pendant. It will be the perfect fit for you. We also offer custom iced hip hop pendants in the shape of cartoon heart characters and more for the people who want to express themselves to society according to their taste.

Iced out Pendants - MajesticVUE


4. Earrings:

Iced out earrings are most common type of iced out jewelry. Iced out earring adds the charm and class to your face. Iced out earrings can be paired with any type of outfit. Rappers wear these types of iced out earrings to show their class and uniqueness.

MajesticVUE is offering a lot of iced out jewelry including Iced Out Earrings that are available at a rational price as well as meets consumer's needs.

Iced out and hip hop earrings look awesome on the ears of you. Iced out earrings with cubic zircon touch are going to look very handsome.

We also have precious women's earrings collection that will change your look and highlight your facial features as well.

Even if you get iced out earrings, you will look remarkable. The earrings show their best side being alone or complemented with a special charm.

The most stylish are still in metallic colors such as gold, silver that will help you to show your attitude, living style and status to the whole world.

Think of all the celebrities who are wearing iced out earrings, these are definitely a statement piece for any man or woman that aspires to wear jewelry.

Iced out earrings are also long-lasting. So, you can wear them for a long time without having to worry that they will break or snap due to high-quality material.

Iced Out Hip Hop Earrings - MajesticVUE


5. Iced Out Watches & Bracelets:

Iced out watches and bracelets are the most cultural and fashionable types of Iced Out jewelry. Iced out hip hop watches and bracelets tell the stories through rap music. Iced out watches and bracelets are mostly liked by the rappers, they use iced out watches and bracelets to show their success and to celebrate their achievements.

Iced out wouldn't be iced out without diamond-encrusted watches and cubic zircon gemstones watch as well as bracelets.

These iced out watches and bracelets satisfy the tastes of rappers as they make the most precious style purchase of their lifetime.

If you want an enthralling appearance just look at our exquisite Watches and bracelets that will make your wrist icy and will add allure and sparkle to your wrists.

We have a huge collection of watches and Bracelets that are crafted by high-quality copper material as well as having gold and silver-plated finishes.

By wearing with other accessories, can a captivating watch and bracelet be complemented by those will see you.  As for the jewelry,  iced out bracelets and watches will be the center of attention, then you should choose them in well-formed designs.

You will never find these types of iced out watches and bracelets from other stores.

Just explore our huge collection of Iced Out hip hop watches as well as Bracelets collections at

Iced out Hip Hop Watch and Bracelet - MajesticVUE


6. Iced Out Rings:

Change is constant in almost all fields of life but except for jewelry. As we know that Iced Out Jewelry has already existed even before a long time ago. And jewelry has always been linked as a status of one’s life where it symbolizes their power and wealth. 

As we all know, jewelry has never been universal than in today’s generation, especially on modern hip-hop culture where you can see them wearing their most valued iced out rings. 

With time hip-hop culture became popular, the iced out items especially the Iced Out Rings have also seen in their popularity that is why MajesticVUE love to help you to choose with the best rings worldwide. 

On top of our best-iced rings are the Gold Star Ring, Diamond 360 Ring, Brass iced out micro pave rings, and more. These iced out rings are getting admiration and appreciation from the people.

Iced Out Diamond 360 Ring - MajesticVUE


Does MajesticVUE Sell Real Gold?

MajesticVUE selling some pieces of jewelry that consist of real gold and silver, but some others are gold and silver plated over a common copper base.

We have exclusive gold and white gold jewelry collection and optimum materials that are distinctive to other jewelry collections with magnificent and enthralling features, you can only get on MajesticVUE.

Our gold plated jewelry is made with the base metal i.e. copper that has a very thin layer of gold over it. We are selling 14k, 18k, and 24k gold plated high-quality jewelry that has trendy and exquisite designs.


With What Type Of Jewellery Rappers Go With?

Today Hip Hop & Iced out jewelry is gaining popularity to the whole world. Rappers want to go with all kinds of big gold and Cuban linked chains and other rappers jewelry. 

Hip hop lovers are excited about men's urban jewelry or hip hop accessories that are provided by MajisticVUE.

Gold hip hop jewelry, iced out hip hop jewelry and hip hop bracelets, pendants, and Grillz are all very popular specially among the rappers.

Iced out and hip hop jewelry always wore and most demanded by Rappers because of Iced Out jewelry is the symbol of status and wealth.

From 1970 to today hip hop jewelry was favorite to the rappers. Every raper has its interest in different jewelry items, some rappers wear gold chains that vary in style, shape and size as well as they like to wear different kinds of bracelets, different types of pendants, rings and earrings.

Rappers announce their achievements by wearing such eye-catching hip hop jewelry items.

We also provide customization on our iced out jewelry collection which makes the statement style and brings your designs to life at a reasonable price.


What are VVS Chains?

VVS chains are diamonds and gemstones ornate chains having a "Very Very Slightly Included" clarity i.e. only an expert can detect flaws with a 10X microscope.

If the diamond has virtually no defect or inclusions, the gemologist will give it an “IF” grade, which means Internally Flawless. If there is a minor spot within the diamond that is not visible to the naked eye, but visible when magnified, this is where VVS comes into play. Since the flaws are not viewable to ordinary persons.

VVS chains are flawless and perfectly adorned with cubic zircon gemstones because cubic zircon is always perfect and flawless.

Choose our cubic zircon gemstone VVS chains, necklace in a cross pendant, rings, watches and earrings that can be the perfect idea for any event or for the daily wear.


Why you should choose VVS Chains? 

Handsome chains with sparkling stones have become famous with rappers and media influences. VVS cubic zircon chains always flawless and will be a part of rap and hip-hop values as a way to flaunt their success.

There are reasons why some people want to get their hands on VVS chains. The most understandable reason is because of it's gleam and shine that can turn heads even on the most crowded street.

Another factor, especially for aspiring artists and rappers in the hip hop industry is it's ability to emphasize wealth.

However, it would be greatest if you kept in mind that VVS chains with better clarity can give you high luster that you desire. 

So, if you are searching for the perfect VVS jewelry, where you won’t need to worry because MajesticVUE is offering cubic zircon gemstone jewelry that is ever flawless and perfect. Check out VVS Chains and hip hop Jewelry today! We have an exquisite collection of hip hop jewelry that lights up your day and will meet your expectations with high satisfaction.


How to make the style statement with Iced out jewelry?

Be beautiful and be timeless and make a style statement with our customize Iced Out jewelry collection. Remember the following tips for rocking and stylish look:


Wear Iced Out Jewelry with bright colors and to enhance your look.

The best way to enhance your look is by icing out your attire and wearing our hip hop jewelry including chains, rings, and bracelets.

If you want to add charm and allure on your face as well as highlight your facial features then wear our Iced Out stylish earrings that just not make you sparkle but also reflect your outfit.

However, if you want to capture everyone's appreciation by wearing iced out and hip hop fascinating jewelry then wear bracelets that will ice out your wrist.

Besides, you will look charming and unique to others. You can use iced out jewelry to present as a gift to your loved one.


Get your shorty matching Iced.

You don’t have to charm all alone. Get your partner a matching Iced Out jewelry to show everyone, you are the hottest couple in the world. Your partner can worn chains or necklaces with shorter length outfit.

Butterflys Tennis Chain Choker Necklace - MajesticVUE


Where Can You Buy Iced Out Jewelry

If you are a lover of Iced Out jewelry that heightens your personality and reflect your social class then you are on the right platform. Our jewelry can be matched with your colorful favorite type of attire and you will get a wonderful appearance. At MajesticVUEwe are offering high quality iced out jewelry with amazing features at an affordable price and with a lifetime guarantee as well.

We are only selling high-quality products, accessible to you anywhere and around the world because we are providing 24/7 FREE home delivery all over the globe with simple Return/Exchange process for your convenience. 

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