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Hip Hop Gold/Silver Plated Iced Out Colorful Bracelet

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Capture the appreciation from the people with our luxurious and fascinating Iced out bracelet that is adorned with handsome glossy stones and is durable and reliable too. 

Hip Hop Gold/Silver Plated Iced Out Colorful Bracelet

We want to enhance your beauty by offering you our well-designed jewelry. As we offer precious and classic cubic zircon latest hip hop gold bracelets. Our stones bracelet is stylish and trendy and everyone want to look beautiful on a special event. So, this colorful iced out bracelet is a great gift to enriches your beauty and suitable for both men and women on their wedding day.

We have different collections for other men formal get together, on nights out with friends. This Pave stone bracelet is a great idea to lift your confidence by adding a touch of attraction to your big day. You can get a more dazzling look by getting our NECKLACESanother article that fascinates out your personality.

Hip Hop Gold/Silver Plated Iced Out Colorful Bracelet has a pleasing and graceful design that is made with a blend of Copper metal, a high-quality material. This Hip Hop Tennis Bracelet is decorated with colorful square shape Cubic Zircon crystalline material that gives your wrist exceptional sparkle and keeps you relaxed and happy all over the day.

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Features of "Hip Hop Gold/Silver Plated Iced Out Colorful Bracelet"

  1. Stylish design, easy to hold, and represents your beauty, value, superiority, and status.
  2. Ornate with Cubic Zircon colorful sparklers.
  3. It will not turn your skin green and will not become paler because it is coated up brilliantly.
  4. Well-matched to all, everyone can wear it at any time or place.
  5. Pave Setting that makes it extra gleam, with geometric pattern.
  6. Available in 2 different colors i.e. Silver and Gold.
  7. Alluring look and unisex fit.
  8. Enthralling and delightful design.
  9. Copper and cubic zircon finishing.
  10. Lifetime guarantee of bracelets.

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Product Availability


  • 8 Inches
  • 7 Inches


  • Gold
  • Silver 

Hip Hop Gold/Silver Plated Iced Out Colorful Bracelet is available in different sizes and colors. It's availability is confirmed at any time. MajesticVUE is a Global Jewelry brand that provides high-quality products with global e-commerce strategies, at an affordable price that helps hip hop lovers from all around the world to shop our jewelry from anywhere in the world using any device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers, or any smartphones.  

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Manufactured With Fine Material 

Hip Hop Charm Bracelet made of high-quality copper and ornamented with high-quality Copper material with a mixture of high lustrous colorful Cubic Zircon gemstones.

How Our Bracelet Add a Glamour to Your Personality 

Our bracelets are a great option for unisex. As our other jewelry items add the charm to your appearance and exemplify attractiveness, prominence, wealth, and status. This hip hop bracelet is a durable and standard addition to you that can be worn for all type of different events and night parties. This dreamy blue and red stone bracelet gives you a distinct and exquisite exterior and you would be appreciated by the people at the party.

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Frequently Asked Question about Hip Hop Gold/Silver Plated Iced Out Colorful Bracelet

What is the significance of hip hop jewelry?

Hip Hop Jewelry is the new form of jewelry, styling hip hop jewelry is the significance of success and status.

What is your jewelry made of?

Our high-quality long-lasting items are made of solid gold items. Our chains are special due to purity because the purest form and most refined form of gold is 24, 22, 18, 14 and 15 Karats 

Tips on protecting\ cleaning your hip hop jewelry?

The only expectation we made from your side as a customer is to take care of our & your precious item as much as possible. If the item is not waterproof then please keep it far away from water and other liquid items. For the best use of the jewelry, please wipe the metal with a dry, soft, clean cloth. Ensure that your jewelry is dry. Avoid sopping in water or using heat, steamers, or ultrasonic cleaners. Wipe any stones on the jewelry with a damp cloth to remove perspiration, oil, or any other residue. Avoid heat, hot water, steamers, or ultrasonic cleaners along with cosmetics and hairsprays.
MajesticVUE is not liable to any returns or refunds caused by the lack of care from the customer to their order.

Is MajesticVUE offers only men or unisex jewelry?

MajesticVUE is offering unisex (for both men and women) jewelry all over the world.

What type of hip hop bracelets do MajesticVUE offers?

MajesticVUE is offering Tennis, Cuban, Franco, box hip hop bracelets that are available in all sizes.


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