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Lock Clasp Miami Cuban Chain with Bracelet

$ 769.30 USD

Jewelry is visual cues to your personality. Stunning jewelry always draws attention. In a world where everyone looks uniform, wearing our eye-catching Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet sets you apart and makes you appear more interesting and attractive at any occasion, so select our Heavy Iced Out Cuban Bracelet with Cuban Linked chain. It will not only enhance your splendor rather discriminate you against people. This Big Box Clasp Cuban Bracelet is a very classy designed with superior-quality material with two colors of tone that meets the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Lock Clasp Miami Cuban Chain with Bracelet is a very well-appointed and exceptional design. This Hip Hop Charm Bracelet with Cuban Chain has designed to associated with wealth and status. This Iced out Bracelet is decorated with little gemstones that make it more bright and flashy. So, we designed with a lot off crystalline and copper metal. So, stay with us and state your personality with our Hip Hop Bracelets, Pandora Bracelet with Chains search and order our great articles of jewelry including Necklace.

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Features of "Lock Clasp Miami Cuban Chain with Bracelet"

  1. High-quality copper material, zirconia stone long-lasting, not to collapse of and provide you comfort.
  2. The delicate Miami Cuban Bracelet is a great choice for unisex, it is special due to high brightness and high quality.
  3. You can wear it at any type of event like parties and it gives you a different type of shine at night.
  4. Trustworthy features and realistic prices. Each zircon piece fixed on it carefully.
  5. The geometric pattern and striking lock clasp box involves a decorative box usually with some kind of care and secures the closure of box clasp, with-tongue.
  6. Capability to all Unisex fit contented, gentle to wear with glitzy design.

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  • 7 Inches
  • 8 Inches
  • 9 Inches


  • Gold
  • Silver Two Tone
  • Rose Gold

Lock Clasp Miami Cuban Chain with Bracelet is available in different sizes and colors, with exclusive fascinating features and design. It's specialty is that you can get it with Cuban Linked chain. MajesticVUE is a famous Jewelry product brand that provides Hip Hop high standard jewelry to boost up your personality and status too. It is widely appreciated by men and women as it gives an aesthetic look. People are seen buying this and want to wear it at every event with a perfect match. Not only it looks good and fashionable but it standardized the value of life. 

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Manufactured With High-Quality Solid Material 

This Authentic Cuban Bracelet is made of high-quality copper and zircon, it looks very shiny due to zirconia substances. We are highly concern about the quality and material, no compromise in the quality. So, we design this Micro Paved Bracelet with copper and decorated with zirconia because zirconia is completely hypoallergenic and will not tarnish, it is very strong and long-lasting, yes light in weight and can take different forms that most popular of clear transparent gemstone that cut to look like a diamond that is frequently used in our Bracelet Necklaces and Rings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of hip hop jewelry?
Hip Hop Jewelry is the new form of jewelry, styling hip hop jewelry is the significance of success and status.
What is the minimum order?
You can order only one thing it’s a minimum order and in maximum order, you can order a lot of products.
Where can I provide the promotional code?
When you click your shopping cart, you will see information about your order. If you see a discount code then enter code in the discount box.
Will I receive a confirmation message?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation message when you complete a payment process. You will receive a confirmation message in a few minutes. If you don’t receive the message you should check your email address which you have entered.
When my order is delivered?
We always attempt out to deliver out all orders as soon as possible. It depends upon a delivery method which has to choose. It also depends upon where your order is being sent. 
What should I do when I did not receive my order?
If you have received a delivery massage when your order is not delivered and a number of days have passed then contact us. 
How can I track my item?
If you have paid for Tracked Delivery, please use the link below to track your order.
please note that our shipping facilities only works on BUSINESS DAYS (Monday - Friday).
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship worldwide with 24/7 FREE Home delivery service.
What are your shipping charges and how long it takes to receive my order?
There are no shipping charges. We provide FREE delivery all over the globe. 
What is your jewelry made of?
Our high-quality long-lasting items are made of solid gold items. Our chains are special due to purity because the purest form and most refined form of gold is 24221814 and 15 Karats.
Tips on protecting\ cleaning your hip hop jewelry?
The only expectation we made from your side as a customer is to take care of our & your precious item as much as possible. If the item is not waterproof then please keep it all far from water and other liquid items. For best use of the jewelry please wipe the metal with a dry, soft, clean cloth. Ensure that your jewelry is dry. Avoid sopping in water or using heat, steamers or ultrasonic cleaners. Wipe any stones on the jewelry with a damp cloth to remove perspiration, oil or any other residue. Avoid heat, hot water, steamers or ultrasonic cleaners along with cosmetics and hairsprays.
MajesticVUE is not liable to any returns or refunds caused by the lack of care from the customer to their order.
Is MajesticVUE offers only men or unisex jewelry?
MajesticVUE is offering unisex (for both men and women) jewelry all over the world.
What type of hip hop bracelets do MajesticVUE offers?
MajesticVUE is offering Tennis, Cuban, Franco, box hip hop bracelets that are available in all sizes.


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