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Iced Out 18K Gold Ankh Tennis Bundle

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Light up your day and look handsome with this precious 18k Gold tennis ankh bundle that is durable and eye-catching. This exquisite Ankh tennis bundle is admirable and gives you a stylish look.

Iced Out 18K Gold Ankh Tennis Bundle

We are offering a lot of gold bundles at our store i.e. MajesticVUE. We want to make you sparkle as much as possible by giving you our well-designed products. As we provide light slanted and easy classic diamond latest gold tennis ankh cross bundle. No matter what the occasion is, this tennis ankh is a great way to boost your personality by adding a touch of glamour to your day. You can get a more glamorous look by wearing our NECKLACES and another article that grooms out your look.

Iced Out 18K Gold Ankh Tennis Bundle is a very captivating tennis ankh that has made of high-quality material. This gold bundle represents your beauty, value, superiority and status. This hip hop trendy bundle has decorated with Cubic Zirconia crystalline material that gives your neck exceptional shine and makes you happy.

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Features of Iced Out 18K Gold Ankh Tennis Bundle

  1. Base: Silver .925
  2. Over-Base: Solid 18K GOLD (5+ dipping) / Silver .925
  3. Diamonds: CZ AAA+ High Shine
  4. It will never fade your skin.
  5. Compatible to all.
  6. Stylish and outstanding design.
  7. Uniquely finished.
  8. Lifetime guarantee.
  9. Ankh cross shape that is the symbol of life.
  10. Comfortable to wear and hold.
  11. It will never turn your skin green.

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Product Availability

  • Width x Height: 0.8" x 1.8" (2 x 4.5 cm)
  • Weight: 30 grams

Iced Out 18K Gold Ankh Tennis Bundle is available in different colors and sizes as well. MajesticVUE is a Global Jewelry and Fashion products Brand offering 100% products online with global e-commerce strategies, which helps us to provide the lowest prices in the market. It will allow hip hop lovers from around the world to shop our jewelry from anywhere in the world. We are offering 24\7 FREE worldwide delivery with a simple Return/Exchange process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Iced Out 18K Gold Ankh Tennis Bundle

Can I wear this bundle on religious festivals?

Yes, you can wear our hip hop bundle on religious festivals as well as in routine life.

Which thing is symbolized by the Cross design of bundles ?

The cross symbolizes life, immortality and the union of Heaven and Earth. It possesses spiritual powers, embodying sacrifice and salivation.

By which material bundles are made of?

Bundles are made of high-quality material like Solid 18K GOLD with 5+ dipping and Silver .925 as well as adorned with CZ AAA+ gemstones that have a high luster.

Which type of bundles do you offer?

We are offering different types of hip hop bundles including tennis Cross and tennis Ankh bundles and a lot more.

What is the modern-day use of the ankh cross?

The ankh meaning is not very complicated. However, in modern-day, the ankh use is compelling and broad, which seems to be the main reason why it is so popular in modern western culture. The ankh bundle is also very visually as it looks great combined with various elements of stylish outfits.

Is the bundle an excellent gift for my men?

Yes, a hip hop bundle could be a great gift for your men. We have a lot of attention-grabbing bundle designs that are made of gold and silver-plated material for your men.

How do I clean and care for hip hop bundles?

You must have to care for your precious bundles. Please keep it away from water and other liquid items. For the best use of the product, please wipe the metal with a dry, soft, clean cloth and ensure that your jewelry is dry.

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