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Multi-color Iced Out Bling Stud Earring

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Be stylish and trendy by wearing this pair of iced out delightful, exquisite earrings that are durable and reliable and you can match and pair it with your colorful dresses because it has different bright colors.

Multi-Color Iced Out Bling Stud Earring

We are offering stylish earrings for you to make you good-looking for any occasion. We love to assist you with our splendid iced out earrings that will give you a marvelous look as well as you can also present it as a gift to someone you loved ones. This hip hop earring has a very alluring design and it’s a great option for you to show your status and enthrallment as well. Bling stud earring adds a sense of class, superiority and high appeal to your whole appearance.

These magnificent, luxurious and stylish earrings are finished with high-quality material that provides a magnificent sight to the earrings. Well-designed with cut cubic zircon, pleasing and colorful stones.

Multicolor Iced out Bling Stud Earrings is embellished with handsome lustrous cubic zircon multi-color stones with intriguing pattern and made of high-quality copper material that has a hypnotic affect.

Embellished with screw back that prevents falling off. Ice out earrings looks glittery and colorful due to colorful stones.

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Features of "Multi-Color Iced Out Bling Stud Earring"

  1. Perfect for unisex and can be matched with colorful dresses.
  2. Available in attractive multi-colors including red lipstick color.
  3. Iced out earrings have delightful, adorable, glittering, pleasant, charming and exquisite design.
  4. Resilient and impressive that makes your event special and give you a distinctive appearance to others.
  5. Having Screw-back this backing style has an indented end on the earring's post and this Screw backing is essential to ensure valuable jewelry that will not slide from your ear.
  6. High-quality copper material that makes earrings more lustrous and charming as well.
  7. Can be worn at any type of event or in routine life.
  8. Soft and comfy to wear and you will never feel pain or rash by wearing it for a long period of time.

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Product Availability

Stone Color: 

  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple

Metal Color:

  • Gold

Multi-Color Iced out Bling Stud Earring is available in different eye-catching colors. We are offering a lot of Hoops stylish earrings with smart features that are available at our online store in an affordable price range. We are highly conscious about quality and never compromise on it that’s why we offer high-quality jewelry products for your satisfaction. We are providing 24/7 FREE home delivery with simple Return\Exchange process. Now, just add it to the cart and get trendy earrings at your doorstep.

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Specialties that Makes our Earrings Superior 

Our iced out earrings are special because of enthralling features that enhance your beauty and manufactured with high-quality copper material adorned with Cubic Zirconia colorful gemstone. However, our ice earrings have a very eye-catching, pleasing, and graceful design that adds a gleam to the earlobe when placed in a stud setting, it'll grab the attention of everyone. The versatile nature of the stud earring is that it is easy to wear with everything from formal to a wedding dress.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-Color Iced Out Bling Stud Earring

What is the significance of hip hop jewelry?

Hip hop jewelry is the new form of jewelry, styling hip hop jewelry is the significance of success and status.

Tips on protecting\ cleaning your hip hop jewelry?

The only expectation we made from your side as a customer is to take care of our & your precious item as much as possible. If the item is not waterproof then please keep it far from water and other liquid items. For the best use of the product, please wipe the metal with a dry, soft, clean cloth. Ensure that your jewelry is dry. Avoid sopping in water or using heat, steamers, or ultrasonic cleaners. Wipe any stones on the jewelry with a damp cloth to remove perspiration, oil, or any other residue. Avoid heat, hot water, steamers, or ultrasonic cleaners along with cosmetics and hairsprays.
MAJESTICVUE is not liable to any returns or refunds caused by the lack of care from the customer to their order.

Is MajisticVUE offers only men or unisex jewelry?

MajesticVUE is offering unisex (for both men and women) jewelry all over the world.

What type of hip hop earrings do MajesticVUE offers?

MajesticVUE is offering iced out, micro paved, cubic zircon hip hop earrings that are available in all sizes.

Our stud earrings a thoughtful gift for someone special?

Stud earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit. 

If I have real diamond studs should I still buy a pair of CZ earrings?

Yes. Keep the real ones in a safe place and buy a new pair of identical CZ studs.  It is highly recommended when traveling to prevent the real ones to lose by falling off or by getting robbed.

Do you offer your earrings in silver?

We are offering zircon cubic earrings these are not made by silver metal.

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