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About Us

Having served out jewelry zealous for over many years, we at MajesticVUE delighted consumers on excellence and pieces. We've got a wide range of hip hop jewelry gathering of all the newest trends. We have the latest collection of 2019, 2020 and 2021 hip hop jewelry. We're one of the largest hip hop jewelry manufacturers in United States, We've build our reputation in urban gold and diamond jewelry lovers such as hand crafted and custom jewelry designs that will complement to their street and Yoo boy style. Now we are offering a lot of hip hop jewelry with the latest designs and features. For the street cat that wants to roll out in style, our million-dollar quality rocks are everything that you’ve wanted without the weight of a big price tag.

We're transforming and upgrading our company from rather and physical store for user's convenience  We’re transforming and upgrading our company from rather and physical store for user's convenience putting everything online on our E-Commerce platform that will allow hip hop lovers from around the world to shop urban jewelry anywhere from the world using any device mobile phone, laptop, tablets, computers or any smartphones.


Our main mission is to provide our customer's the best quality of products. It’s our first priority to provide you the best. We want a relationship of trust to our customers. So, that they can trust us at any point. And to produce new designs according to the market although innovating ideas regarding designs are also produced by our designers.


Our vision is a liable worldwide supply chain that promotes trust in the global fine jewelry and watch industry.


Our love for urban culture has constantly been the inspiration behind MajesticVUE desire in street style jewelry, as we move above and beyond to give our customers notable pieces that they could put on with their most up to date gear. We are struggling to continue to bring the latest trends and hottest new items in the market. If they do not yet exist, we create them from scratch. We take ideas and turn them into quality products for our clients.We have buyers throughout the world penetrating for new designs, innovations in production, and higher efficiency. It depends upon a band of expert jewelry exclusive designer to create chains, bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, and watches that are made with platinum, 14-karat gold, and 18-karat gold. Iced out men’s real diamond bracelets, rings, earrings, and watches are just a few of the various rocks that you’ll be able to cop from our website, at the same time as our kind of Cuban link, Franco, puff, anchor, Byzantine, and diamond chains will provide you lots of options to sport that swag with out breaking the financial institution. Frost Nyc Jewelers is likewise a proud vendor of Rolex watches, which will make a extraordinary complement to the pass, pharaoh, angel, or Jesus head pendants which can be a part of our tricked out series.


Services Gave By MajesticVUE

Standing by our history as established brands, we struggle to continue to bring the latest trends and hip hop new items in the market. We are offering a lot of services including numerous styles of gold chain to look elegant, Rings, pieces of jewelry and wrist trinkets - With a wealth of reasonable rings and earring in the market set in gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, elegant and unique urban style pendants to add your necklace. These are the amazing new collection of pendants to make a perfect necklace which enhances your look. Latest men’s hip hop necklaces and 18k, 24k gold chains. Modified and Customized Unisex necklace, Customized name jewelry necklace which is used by unisex.
We care about you as much as we care about our Brand, that’s why we offer a FREE LIFETIME Guarantee. If the item fades breaks or tarnishes or experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage we will replace the item for free. You can order products by your mobile phone tab etc. our product is diamond Premium approved VVS Diamonds and gold plated sterling white. These white gold pieces are built for longevity. This piece features diamond approved plating or flashing lustrous appearance, but it can wear off with long-term or heavy use. We've got a wide variety of hip hop jewelry gathering of all the newest trends.

Our Story

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle is our watchword. MajesticVUE has never been known or heard of before 2 years ago, but thanks to our crew’s efforts and self confident, by side to our first clients support, and despite all the difficulties, the hurdles and the frustration times we’ve been through. We reached our point and became one of the major jewelry brands. We partner with high quality trendy designers and suppliers to offer you premium, trendy and lit jewelry that will have all eyes on you, we even Hired local Designers to produce and quality control all items manufactured. 

Our Grillz are very high in quality according to our customers we are very woriness about are grillz which is number 1 in town.

Today MAJESTICVUE is a Global Jewelry and Fashion products Brand limited company, 100% of our sales made online, following global e-commerce strategies, which helps us provide the lowest prices on the market. 

Barely we’re not the only ones in the field, but because reaching our Point is our specialty, Our next goal is to become the best.


We are promoting our jewelry brand by establishing a target audience by offering the latest designs as well as by giving a lifetime guarantee.
Use Online platforms to reach our audience by adverting our unique, elegant and pure gold and diamond made products.