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Cultures of bracelets and hip hop jewelry often associated with status and wealth. A quick association that describes your status in society is the use of accessories and things in your routine life and special occasions or meetings. In several countries or the Eastern parts of the world, putting on bracelets signifies that you are affluent. In the West, there are no class divisions. On the other hand, in different other areas of the world, the use of bracelets is an automatic qualifier in the society. The modern youth likes to wear colorful bracelets, but the 10mm double tennis bracelet is highly wonderful to offer a dangling charm. It shows allegiance and supports social causes to a group. A bracelet becomes a part of the identity. 

Like watches, bracelets are worn regularly. Some of the people wear stone bracelets or gems on it. These are their lucky champs or birthstone or like a horoscope. Interesting but a common fact it is! Some bracelets are designed in a formal and dressier way. It makes its use more alluring for the users. Bracelets, no doubt are available in the variety of styles and designs as well as materials like hemp, brass, copper, leather, silver, platinum, gold and stainless steel. A person should be careful about the choice of it because it reflects your persona. This versatile accessory brings out the color of the outfit.

What is the Double Tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet contains gems and small diamonds connected by a precious metal chain that is thin. The 10mm double tennis bracelet is formed with 14k or 18K sterling silver, platinum and Gold as a piece of elegant jewelry. In the past, these bracelets were used as line diamonds bracelets. Today, some of the people know this item with its old name.

So, it would help if you bought your tennis bracelet from a reliable vendor because it is not good to buy it from ordinary suppliers. The majority of people like to wear gold bracelets with diamonds. The use of diamonds makes it highly alluring. Diamonds are available in a variety of colors. Black diamond bracelets are in vogue these days.

Why 10mm double tennis bracelet?

The shiny diamond is respected because of the intense, subtle elements and eccentric details. Your winsome double layer bracelet is complemented within vogue design. The VVS approved diamond offers a real shine. The good news about this elegant bracelet is that it is a unisex item. Combine it with a diamond ring to finish the hot look in a radiant and tasteful way. Include articulation of a great touch in your look with one of the a la mode gold bracelets and by wearing flattering figure costumes on your formal event.

Attain an impressive look

Captivating and Sassy! No doubt! You are the center of all eyes because the sparkle of the diamonds grabs everyone's consideration. No one will forget the magic of your sleek look that is essential after wearing it. The asymmetrical shape of the diamond is the key constituent of the bracelets that leaves the magnificent impression. The bare diamond shape declares the oppressive accent with a double strap that raises the glamour of your charisma. The beautifully designed bracelet reveals your exquisiteness with the combination of the gold and diamonds to make your look complete in the party.

Are you afraid of its Quality?

Do not bother because we never compromise on quality. The shine of the bracelet materials, both diamond and gold are not fake. Yes, it will not lose its shine and will never fade with continuous use even. It comes with scratch-resistant technology that means that it will never out of beauty. Enjoy its long-lasting elegance because it never gets rusty or fades out by the time. You will love using this item because of the high-quality. 

For which occasion it is suitable?

This cute and classy bracelet from the collection of the bracelets contains all the essential elements that make it an essential item in your jewelry for your wedding, engagement or another formal occasion. Present this bracelet to your darling partner on engagement or on your wedding. The revealing diamond cut displays the charming design in a modern way and this item with a shiny diamond. 

Where to buy a 10mm double tennis bracelet?

We offer an exclusive range of bracelets online. This item is highly impressive. You can get these items online. You can get the details of our delivery policy online. Our customer support service will guide you about it. You can order online without making any delay. You will get the ordered item at your pace within a week of working days after making an order. You have to choose the appropriate payment method online and discuss it with our team online.

Shine that wrist with this Double-Row Tennis Bracelet - the ultimate bracelet in case you desire the highest shine higher than our single row tennis.

    • Unisex
    • Diamond: Premium approved VVS Diamonds
    • Width: 10mm(5mm each row) / Weight 120-220g
    • Never-Rust/Fade, Scratch resistant Technology.
    • Stamped long-lasting materials Free from Nickel and lead
    • Brand: MAJESTICVUE

    Guarantee –  We care about You as much as we care about our Brand: if the item fades breaks or tarnishes or experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage we will replace the item for Free. *Free Domestic Shipping.*