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10mm Paper Clip Iced Out Chain Necklace

$ 348.20 USD

Be attractive and handsome with this marvelous paper clip iced out chain that is well designed and made of high-quality material having smart features that will add glamour to your personality. Our Hip Hop chain is very trendy that will help to keep you with the current trends and ways of modern life.

10mm Paper Clip Iced Out Chain Necklace

We are offering up to date iced out necklace that adds the lure to your appearance. This unisex necklace gives you lasting beauty at the event.

By wearing this luxurious iced out necklace, you can show your personality and status to people around you.

10mm Paper Clip Iced Out Chain Necklace is magnificent and well designed. Embellished with high-quality transparent cubic zircon gemstones that give extra-gleam to your wrist. Bling paper clip iced out necklace has luxurious features.

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Features of 10mm Paper Clip Iced Out Chain Necklace 

  1. Iced out bling chain is very comfortable to wear that will make you handsome
  2. Stylish and chic design.
  3. This attractive paper clip necklace is an excellent choice for unisex.
  4. Long-lasting and geometric pattern.
  5. Made of high-quality copper material.
  6. Men wear it as a custom tradition as well as to show their power and wealth.
  7. Our delightful hip hop necklace assists in breaking the ice between two people to start a conversation.
  8. Customizable and eye-catching.
  9. You can present it as a gift to your love ones.
  10. Compatible to all.

We have a outstanding collection of Bundles i.e. Iced Out 18K Gold, 2x Tennis XL Cross Bundle.

Product Availability


  • Gold 
  • Silver
  • Rose Gold  
  • Two Tone


  • 10 mm


  • 48.5 grams

Chain length:

  • 18 Inches
  • 22 Inches

10mm Paper Clip Iced Out Chain Necklace is available in different colors and sizes with wonderful designs and features at a budget-friendly price. We are highly conscious about quality and never compromise on quality, so, we are offering stylish jewelry products that meet the consumer's desire. We are offering 24\7 FREE worldwide delivery with a simple Return/Exchange process. Add it to the cart today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 10mm Paper Clip Iced Out Chain Necklace

Why do hip hop artists wear your necklaces?

Artists wear a precious necklace that is made of high-quality material to celebrate their success and prosperity.

Which type of necklace do you offer?

We are offering an extensive collection of men's hip hop necklaces and 18k, 24k gold chains, copper metal chains and necklaces. Personalized and Custom Unisex Necklace, Man Cross Necklace and more.

What does the Cuban link necklace mean?

The Cuban link chain is our trending jewelry nowadays. It is similar to other types of gold chains, with an interlocking pattern that makes the chain thicker and attractive.

Why are your necklaces so special to me? 

Our chains and necklace are special for you because by wearing our precious chains on traditions, you look gorgeous and you feel good too. You can show your identity to everyone who you are, by wearing these hip hop necklaces and chains.

Can I wear my iced out chain or necklace every day?

Yes, you can wear our iced out chains every day because these are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, will never be harmful to your skin.

Are your necklace customizable?

Yes, our necklaces are customizable. We customize the chain according to your desire.

Which stones do you use to ornate your necklaces?

We use high quality precious transparent cubic zircon gemstone to embellish our necklace to make these exquisite and handsome.

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