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Cubic Zircon Shiny Square Dice Necklace & Pendant

$ 111.93 USD

Look gorgeous and smart with this Cubic Zircon Shiny Square Dice Pendant that has stylish design & best setting you desire. Its exquisite & well-formed design will set you apart from others due to uniqueness.

Cubic Zircon Square Dice Necklace & Pendant

We offer you a stylish, fashion forwarded collection of pendants. We desire you look stunning at every occasion, its perfect for your exquisiteness when you get this. It will make you happy and splendid because of its unique features.

We have a vast collection of hip hop pendants that are unique and trendy, but when we are talking about fashion and trend, our iced out necklace is also suitable for men. If you have a passion for looking different to others, then our iced out pendant is the best choice for you. We designed according to the latest trends and your interest.

Cubic Zircon Shiny Square Dice Pendant is a pleasing and charming pendant designed by the expertise & has delightful features. This hip hop pendant is decorated with Small cubic zircon stones that look delighted, and these stones twinkle like a diamond.

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Features of Cubic Zircon Shiny Square Dice Pendant

  1. Durable and high brightness.
  2. The trendy and modern design.
  3. Perfect for unisex and unique geometric pattern.
  4. Made of high-quality copper metal.
  5. Hip hop pendant inspire your social class.
  6. Comfy to wear and hold, multi-purpose.
  7. Perfect for men to show their status.
  8. Perfect for birthday, wedding, anniversary & prom parties.

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Product Availability

Pendant Weight:

  • 26.5 grams

Chain Type:

  • Rope Chain
  • Cuban Chain
  • Franco Chain

Chain Length:

  • 24 Inches
  • 30 Inches


  • Gold
  • Silver

CZ Shiny Square Dice Necklace & Pendant is available in different sizes and colors. Our pendants are very standard, and everyone can easily buy online. You can choose our pendants today and enjoy the moments of your life. Giving gifts to your loved ones or wearing one yourself is very good for you. We are offering 100% quality products at an affordable price with quick services. And FREE worldwide delivery as well.

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FAQs About CZ Square Dice Necklace & Pendant

What do the pendants symbolize?

Pendants symbolize wealth, power and nobility and the pendant is known to bring luck to the person who is wearing it. 

What type of pendants do you offering?

We have an extensive collection of elegant and unique urban style pendants to add your necklaces that are available in captivating shapes, characters and designs.

How thick should a chain be for a pendant?

The thickness of chains is 1.4 mm. The Medium-chain is 2.3 mm. A thick chain is 3.5 mm.

Can I wear two pendants on one chain?

You shouldn't wear two or more than two pendants on a single chain, because if you do, you may end up looking messy and cheap.

What material do you use for the manufacturing of pendants?

Our exquisite pendants are made of high-quality copper and gold plated material and embellish with precious, gleaming cubic zircon stones.

Will your beautiful pendants fade their charm and color?

Our hip hop pendants will never change the color and never reduce its grace and charm due to regular use.

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