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Hip hop Top & Bottom Teeth Grillz

$ 50.33 USD

Look beautiful and attractive with this heirloom hip hop top and bottom teeth Grillz that will be perfectly fit for your mouth as well as comfortable and delicate to your teeth.

Hip hop Top & Bottom Teeth Grillz

We have a lot of stylish and deluxe Grillz that will give you a flawless look. Enjoy an Elegant fashion design with the hottest, newest collection of our hip hop top and bottom gold Grillz for attraction and charm. By wearing our gold Grillz, you will feel relaxed.

Our Pre-Made Gold Grillz has the ideal cut for a special fitting on both the bottom and top teeth. Each Grill has designed to fit all types of teeth, no matter how straight or crooked they are. Suitable for your personal use for a fantastic stylish glow.

Hip hop Top & Bottom Teeth Grillz is glamorous and classy that will make your teeth glittering. Our gold Grill has designed for unproblematic wear and use. This hip hop Grill has manufactured by high-quality copper material that makes it consistent. Ensure to place this Grillz on the teeth while the molding bar is still soft and adjust as necessary. Bear Grill is comfortable to remove and fashionable too.

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Features of Hip hop Top & Bottom Teeth Grillz

  1. Manufactured with high-quality copper material that provides high luster to Grillz.
  2. The skeleton pattern and stylish look.
  3. Men can wear to show their status, wealth, power and prosperity.
  4. Custom gold Grillz has a remaining allure that heightens your personality.
  5. Grillz will never discolor your teeth.
  6. Reliable and long-lasting.
  7. Comfortable and easy to wear.
  8. Nickle and lead-free.

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Product Availability


  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Rose Gold

Hip hop Top & Bottom Teeth Grillz is available in three bright colors that will add flicker to your teeth. We assure you that our Hip Hop style tooth Grillz will fit you flawlessly like these are made just for you. Our Grillz an amazingly safe for your health and easy to fix. We are offering 24\7 FREE worldwide delivery with a Return\Exchange process. Add it to the cart and get our luxurious Grillz.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hip hop Top & Bottom Teeth Grillz

Will the Grillz fit my teeth?

Our pre-made Grillz is designed to fit most of the adult teeth. Over 99% of our customers can get our Grillz fit for them.

Why do rappers like to wear gold plated teeth?

Grillz are just status symbol. Grillz are mostly loved by rappers and rappers wear Grillz to show their status, wealth and prosperity. 

Are these Grillz permanent for the teeth ?

Our grills are not permanent. These are removable and changeable with time.

Can I eat with Grillz?

If you can stand the mental image, just think about what can accumulate in all those tiny stones over a day. You should never eat, drink or smoke with a grill in and Khan recommends that his clients treat grillz like any other jewelry.

Do the teeth need to be straight to get a Grill?

We provide you Grillz even if you do not have perfectly straight teeth. We can also make the grill straight so that your teeth look straight. However, customers need to mention that they want the Grillz made straight, when placing order.

What material do you use to make Grillz?

Our shiny and quality Grillz is made of high-quality copper material that never changes the color even with the wash and Grillz are decorated with cubic zirconia stones that have high luster and grace.

Are your Grillz safe?

Our mouth Grillz are nickel-free and lead-free and are safe to wear inside your mouth.

Can I get a grill if there is a gap between the teeth?

Yes, you can get a grill even if you have a gap between your teeth. Depending on the size of the gap, there are different options available such as making the teeth a bit larger, adding a filler or making them separate pieces.

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